Black Kettle Dining

BlackKettle is owned and operated by our Head Chef Kevan Vanek.  Kevan first pursued the performing arts in his early career.  Local audiences might remember his role in the local television series In Our Lives.  He did stunt work with Brooke Shields in Sahara and a cameo role in Remembrance of Love with Kirk Douglas.  He trained and danced with the Washington Ballet and spent a year in the corps d' ballet with the Israel Classic Ballet Company and then left performing to pursue his culinary training.  He apprenticed with French and German chefs before returning to collegiate studies.  A graduate of The College of William and Mary, Kevan earned a Masters degree from New England Conservatory of Music and pursued an operatic career in which he appeared nationally and locally until meeting his now wife, Noelle, and settling in Catonsville. Performer turned chef to opera singer, college professor, investor, furniture creator, builder, landscape designer, turned business owner, Kevan designed and improved Drover Grill and Maryland Wine, Co. in 2010 and now owns and operates this restaurant on Main Street Catonsville.